Maps made simple. That simple. MapSimple.

Map what you want

Whatever data you want to enter, whatever you want to create and show on a map, MapSimple can help: Museums, Companies & Branches, Event Locations, Digital Memories, National Parks, Housing & Building structures

MapSimple means NoCoding

Edit and share your location based data with our no coding experience.

Just type in your location title, a description, longitude and latitude and you are good to go! You want more? You can get more. But start simple and think big – MapSimple is here to support you.

Control your Map with MapSimple

You own your data. No advertising, no 3rd party tracking, we do not sell any of your data and you control what you want to display – with MapSimple you can deliver in no time, instead of getting lost in technical details, GDPR worries as well as wrong and confusing data sets.

Present Your Map like a true pro

Colored maps, satellite images, geographical details – you select the type of map, MapSimple cares about the details.

Latest Technology

Based on technologies like React, Mapbox API and AWS we do things, things you don’t have to care about: Tech stuff.

Intuitive Controls

There are masks to enter your data, then just click on deploy your map, and there it is! As simple as that.

Enhanced Design

KISS – keep it simple & smart. That is what we do with our user interface design. Easy data entry, smart output.

Safe & stable Maps

Our maps are safe and we transfer data in a secure way. Cloud based to ensure stability. We don’t sell your data.

MapSimple is #MadeInEurope