MapSimple. That simple.

Advanced and Powerful Maps Solution

Go Live Quickly

No Development time. Just enter your data and you are good to go – the AppStore needs some time for approval tough, but that is not in yours nor in our hands ;)

Great Quality

MapSimple looks great on every device you can run it on – don’t worry about to LowRes (low resolution) maps anymore.

Choose Map Style

You cab select between eight different map styles, from a satellite image, to the classic views you know form other online map tools.

Simple Editing App

You do not have to learn our CMS, but the system offers entry forms, where you can quickly enter your data sets.

Now, everyone can do Maps. MapSimple.

Before you needed specialists, for geo positioning and mobile apps even developers, now you just need your list of locations and can start to fill data into your map – MapSimple, as simple as that.

MapSimple to use

The Apps are very simple to use and on mobile apps you can even enjoy the geo positioning which shows your current location and you can understand how far you are away…



React, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, MapBox, OpenStreetMap, CloudStorage and app deployment tools

MapSimple instead of +5 tools:

Web App
Mobile (iOS | Android)
GPS | current location …

Data Entry:

Via CVS upload
Apps sync magically via cloud

Output Formats:

Mobile App

Product Support

Easy & Safe Control

You connect via HTTPS securely to the admin frontend and just enter the data. We care about the storage and backups as well as deploy to your app at the web and mobile, whatever you have purchased.

“The Administration App is easy to use and the results are presented Instantly – exactly what our clients are expecting. Great!”
J. Mann

MapsSimple v2022

50% faster deployment, more map styles, simpler control

Starts from EUR 29 / Month

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