About Us

We do Maps

Since a long time

In over 100 projects we did map related developments within the last +20 years. Java and web based map solutions since 1999, mobile applications with GPS since 2009 and our own map tile servers since 2010. Now you can also do maps, with MapSimple – without any deeper knowledge.

Disciplines combined

MapSimple aggregates that broad map integration knowledge, several technologies and our experiences with customers expectations and solutions. We distilled the best into MapSimple and so we want to help you with your business.

Accessible on all platforms

We believe that your map should be presented on all platforms and digital web devices, on the road and in the office. Not only for your end users, but also for your data admins and content creators MapSimple is a quick and easy accessible solution.

Build in Europe to map the world

We are based in Croatia, Germany and Poland. 

Our team has integrated projects world-wide, speaks several languages and is using more encodings then UTF-8 :-)