3 MapSimple Benefits as a National Park

Today we want to show where and how you – as a National Park business owner – can benefit from MapSimple.

Previously you might have had an IT department which work with external consultants to create your website and maybe even a specific map for your park.

Publish now, not sometimes later

At the moment you wanted to change, add or remove an entry, it took time to publish it. With MapSimple your don’t have to ask anybody, your team can change the entry and publish it immediately.

Event locations – even just temporary!

In case you have special events at your park, you might have never thought about publishing the location, because the effort was to high and/or you didn’t know until the very last minute where the event is actually happening, maybe because of weather uncertainties. Now, with MapSimple you just enter to event location and in case it starts raining you can re-edit and just adjust the location place in no-time. And after the event simply delete the event location again, something you never though about before.

Enter locations you didn’t think of before

Because the effort entering and changing data in a map before was so high and costly, you didn’t maybe think of entering simple data points like resting areas, kiosks and/or even toilets. Now you can do all that and even more, your map imagination is your limit :) Think broad and simple – MapSimple.